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  • Malaika Chambers in the Court of Appeal

    MALAIKA Chambers is presently dealing with several cases in the Court of Appeal including the following:

  • Application in High Court Granted

    An application by Melron C. Nicol – Wilson and Adama Amara of Nicol – Wilson & Co ( MALAIKA Chambers ) on behalf of the chairman of the TIIEMC of the APC party ( Lawyer Ibrahim Sorie) for extension of time to conduct the lower level elections and National Delegates Conference has been granted by…

  • Melron Nicol-Wilson Returns to Court

    Nicol-Wilson has a wealth of experience across all aspects of criminal and human rights law and is highly respected by his colleagues and the Bench. He has also worked at the ECOWAS Community Court, the African Court and International Criminal Court in The Hague. Over the years, Nicol-Wilson developed a reputation as a resourceful and seasoned…